The Canadian Space Agency Seeks Astronauts!

Have you ever wanted to be a modern day explorer? The Canadian Space Agency is seeking applicants for the Astronaut Program. Click above to apply!

Province of Ontario Renewed Math Strategy. 

The Ontario government has dedicated more than $60 million to help support students across the province achieve better results in mathematics.

Bringing space to everyone...

The Foundation delivers programs to students, educators and the general public about science, space technology and increased space awareness.  It provides various stakeholders with the tools and programs necessary to make space education part of every curricula and life. STEM+ is for all ages and creates the workforce of the future for the space sector through practical and applied training. It engages participants in unique, life-changing experiences that prepare them for the future. 

What is STEM+

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) we know. The "+" includes all disciplines that contribute to the space sector from other disciplines such as International Relations, Space Policy and Law and more.